In Progress: A OJS Newsletter

In Progress provides an inside look into the research, projects, and initiatives that OJS and Harris County are working on. To learn more check out each section of the newsletter monthly.

Monthly Newsletter, In Progress, article sections:

  • Policy Briefcase: News & Information on Policy Work by OJS and Partners
  • In Focus: A Spotlight on Media & News Announcements
  • In the News: Media articles focusing on work by OJS and Partners
  • Policy Impact: A Look at Policy & Partnerships at Work in Harris County
  • Policy Bytes: A look at Data and analytics
  • Across Texas: A Spotlight on OJS staff and partners talking Justice & Policy around Texas
  • Justice League: Spotlight on Work Being Accomplished by Harris County Justice Departments
  • Around the County: A look at what our Harris County Partners are Working on
  • Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC): Monthly Updates on What is Taking Place with the CJCC

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